Debbie "Saffron" Stevens


Miss Debbie " Saffron" Stevens is a very proud mother of three and a Glam Ma of Princess Melrose. She is a Happily Single mature woman "in a Full bodied transformation of a BUTTERFLY 🦋 from life's past experiences. She seeks to bring women to the FULLEST of thier inner beauty to shine on the outside in confidence and strength to love themselves and DEMAND love, respect, and appreciation from any relationships. Being it family or business related. She was born in Alabama at the Fort Rucker Military Base and moved at an early age; and even had the experience of living overseas in Germany as a child. She lived on other military bases in the United States and remained in the States to the present time. She was a military brat" grew up in the DMV area. She went to several schools because of military life. It taught her at an early age to explore the world. “Never stay in a box. And never follow the end crowd.” However, it didn’t prepare her for the lonely road ahead being an individualist, trendsetter, and originator. She always saw beauty in other women and never hesitated to compliment other women's beauty. She found herself wanting to enhance their beauty at a very early age of 10 years old by doing hair. That's why to this day; she is a Master hairstylist of 40 years plus. During those years, she has heard every story to the imagination that helps empower another person. She has an enormous amount of information to share all fictional stories, of course, to share with the masses. She herself has evolved and transformed through a Metamorphosis experience to become the FULL FLEDGED BUTTERFLY and woman to motivate' inspire and empower other women to love themselves beyond their imagination; that way, they attract the same and break the chain of all forms of abuse. Through writing "Saffron MindBenders Collection" She is able to Express thoughts and situations most dare not to talk about because of shame and embarrassment, sometimes being afraid to talk about. Through her fictional stories, she wants to expose the raw ugly truth. That's why she became a 'FULL FLEDGED BUTTERFLY 🦋. Today’s person can never put fear into her and make her keep quiet and take abuse. According to her, if “Saffron MindBenders Collections” reaches only one person and that person becomes FREE; WOMAN or MAN my work is not in VAIN! Miss Debbie doesn't have a gender favorite; she just mainly talks to women, but her words go for men and women both if anything she writes touches anyone and helps them become stronger or even helps to get help and stop abusing others; this is directed to everyone. Moreover (if it doesn't apply to anyone, dont take it personally), share it with someone else. As a Motivational speaker, she is inspirational and engaging. Her words make you face your fears and challenges. She motivates people with disabilities to control their lives and not allow their situation or other people to become a hurdle that stops them from achieving their dreams. As an influential speaker for women, she speaks about the importance of mindfulness and respect. She hopes to inspire people to live healthy and respectful lives. She aimed to discuss the positive feedback along with the brutal honesty via YouTube and Podcast channel. She is equipped to share LOVE, SUPPORT along with EMPOWERMENT with the Masses. Debbie’s talks are full of inspiration, power and offer wake-up-calls for all to start changing and shine on the outside with full confidence. She’s passionate about encouraging women. She always has a lesson in her stories to be learned, leading to truth and a spiritual journey