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Learning to Love yourself can be a lifelong journey of inner exploration. This motivational journal will guide you in finding self-acceptance through the practice of documenting, processing, and banishing negative thoughts and emotions, to focus on your own emotional health and make positive changes by nurturing self-compassion.

Customer Feedback

This book was a good read with twist and turns that captured my attention. It left me wanting more. Looking forward to future books.

Shay Taylor

Absolutely amazing! Be aware. Thank you Queen ❤


I loved the book. I wish there was more written. It was so sad in the end. It’s life though. This happens in real life. I would love to know what happened to Stacy.

Fran Berry

First and foremost what a great read Ms Debbie Saffron’s book was “ I Fell In Love With A Son of A Witch”. The title alone was very catchy! It took me a day in a half to read this book, that’s how excited I was to read it......

Lashawn Johnson

This book was a quick read and kept your attention the entire time. The plot was engaging and has a twist at the end. It was such a reminder pf how many of us as women see obvious "red flags" and ignore them.....


Very good read. Read this book while waiting for my flight, and couldn’t stop! It’s a true page turner and the surprises keeps you turning the page until there’s no more pages to turn!...

Frankie Eskridge

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