Debbie "Saffron" Stevens

This Book

This book is a must-read about manipulation ' control and deceit. A book of many perils demonstrating the old cliche "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Saffron MindBenders Collections "; exposes how a person finds out ' the hard way ' what life can throw at you whether you are ready for it or not. Stories not often talked about or very seldom told. However, always having a lesson to be learned leading you to your own truth and spiritual journey.

"A STRONG person knows: Their STRENGTH lies in knowing when to be SILENT...."


Miss Debbie " Saffron" Stevens is a very proud mother of three and a Glam Ma of Princess Melrose. She is a Happily Single mature woman "in a Full bodied transformation of a BUTTERFLY 🦋 from life's past experiences. She seeks to bring women to the FULLEST of their inner beauty to shine on the outside in confidence and strength to love themselves and DEMAND love, respect, and appreciation from any relationships. Being it family or business related. She was born in Alabama at the Fort Rucker Military Base and moved at an early age; and even had the experience of living overseas in Germany as a child. She lived in other military bases in the United States and remained in the States to the present time. She was a military brat" grew up in the DMV area. She went to several schools because of military life. It taught her at an early age to explore the world. “Never stay in a box. And never follow the end crowd.”